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Common Questions

We received over 4,000 questions about our data since opening our doors in 2007 and we consistently receive a core set of 5 questions every month from our clients and potential clients, and we have written these out below.

If you don’t see your question answered below, please contact us directly through either our click to chat software, by emailing us at or by calling (305) 677-3327.

To navigate our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page please click on the question below that you would like to have answered:

Question #1: I have already placed my order for the Venture Capital Directory, when will I get it?

Answer: We confirm database sales within 1 business day of receiving the order from you. The Venture Capital Directory will be sent to you within Excel format via email.

Question #2: How many Venture Capital funds, private equity funds, and angel investors are included in the Private Equity Directory?

Answer: As of September 2018

  • 510 angel investors 1,384 contacts
  • 683 venture capital funds 683 Contacts
  • 982 private equity funds 1,887 Contacts
  • 1,347 Family Offices 3,000 Contacts
  • Capital Raising Boot Camps
  • Investor Conferences
  • One Annual Update with certain packages

Question #3: How did your team build this database? Why should we pay for a database that at least partially relies upon publicly available data?

Answer: Our team of 8 researchers and 20 total professionals built the Venture Capital, Private Equity,  Angel Investor & Family Office Directory in two ways: by receiving permission from these firms to publish their contact details to our database and by collecting data from publicly available websites. We believe this product is worth $15,000+  because it would take at least 200-250 hours of research to create an internal database on your own. It took our team over 4,000+ hours to build and maintain this resource, and you can now leverage our work through this link: it via this link: 

Question #4: Does your firm provide a refund if we can’t raise capital from these contacts? What is your refund policy?

Answer: While we do provide refunds for bad contact details as our guarantee states, we do not provide refunds for any lack of capital raised or services sold as we can’t control your pitch, team, website, marketing materials, pricing, etc. Data included in our directories is publicly available; however, our team has spent over well over 4,000 hours compiling, sorting, updating, and organizing so that it can be easily used within almost any CRM system or as a standalone capital raising, service provider reach out, or job seeker tool.

Once the Directory has been purchased and delivered, the full value has been realized and we cannot provide a refund once the transaction has been completed. The exception to this is if we provide you with bad data; in this case, we provide an industry leading 4X pro-rated refund on all entries that contain outdated or bad data. This means if 10% of the listings contained errors, you would receive 40% of your money back. These refunds are uncommon, but when they do occur it helps us further improve and update our listings, so we encourage you to provide us with your feedback.

Question #5: Does the database come in an Excel format? Why isn’t it available online?

Answer: The Venture Capital Database is offered as an Excel spreadsheet that is sent to your email address within 1 business day of your order being processed. We deliver the Private Equity Directory to you in this format because we have found there are fewer issues than with subscriptions associated with online databases. For example, with our solution, you can upload your copy of the Private Equity Directory to your CRM program and sort, move, or add notes to any of the contacts in our database. Another benefit of the Excel format is that you get it more quickly than if we had mailed you a disc in the mail, and you are free to keep this spreadsheet for as long as you would like. Whereas website access can be cut off anytime, once you purchase our Private Equity Directory you may use it in your business for years to come.

Question #6: What is the breakdown on this database?







Question #7: The VIP Conference and Membership, how do I RSVP to events?

Answer: The way one RSVP is via your member portal through to RSVP to upcoming events. Once you sign into your member portal you will RSVP to the events. At which point you will see an email from confirming you arrival at the event.

To download a sample of our database, please complete the form below:
To download a sample of our Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Angel Investor Directory products please complete the form below, you will then be immediately forwarded to a Directory Sample Download page and emailed the sample directories as well. If you have any questions now or after viewing the samples, please call Daphny at (305) 677-3327 or email us at