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Real Estate Investor Database


  • Family Office Real Estate Database
    (491 Firms with 954 Contacts)
  • Private Investor Real Estate Database
    (358 Firms with 973 Contacts)
  • Private Equity Real Estate Database
    (378 Firms with 1,060 contacts)
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Database
    (284 Tickers & 768 Names)
  • 1 Free Data Update
    within 12-months of Purchase

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Here is how our Real Estate Investor Directory can benefit you:

  1. Gain access to full updated contact details on 1,000’s of investors which typically invest in real estate.
  2. Work more efficiently, raise capital faster than you otherwise could.
  3. Expand your press release or newsletter mailing reach.
  4. Schedule more conference calls and on-site visits with prospects.
  5. Become more efficient at accessing well over $200B+ in asset managed by the contacts within our directory of real estate investors.
  6. Update your old in-house database or directory of real estate investors.
  7. Take advantage of the 700+hours our team has invested in building the Real Estate Investor Directory to leverage your firm’s time and efforts.
  8. Complete more fully booked road shows, events, and joint venture meetings.
  9. Enable your team to follow up with leads from industry conferences and meetings.
  10. Reach concentrated pools of investor firm principals and executives.



We receive a core set of 12 questions every month from our clients and potential clients, and we have provided these questions below. The following are the most common questions asked by our clients.

If you don’t see your particular question listed or answered below, please contact a member of our team directly. We only sell a limited number of Real Estate Investor Directories, so if you have a question let us answer it so you don’t miss the latest directory release, and can begin utilizing our premium listings.

Question: I just ordered my Real Estate Investor Directory, when will I receive it?

Answer: Once our team receives your order it takes less than one business day to deliver the Microsoft Excel directory to you via the email address you provided during the purchase.


Question: How many listings do you have in California and New York, for example?

Answer: We get a lot of questions about how many real estate investors our database has within various states. Here are the statistics for the Private Real Estate Investor Database on every state in the US, broken down into two halves, please see the pie charts provided below.

Question: In what format does the directory come in? Why is it not available online?

Answer: Our Real Estate Investor Directory comes in Microsoft Excel format which can also be used within Google Docs software which is 100% free for anyone to use regardless of where you are based. We have found that this format is the most user-friendly and it allows our customers to easily upload this spreadsheet into their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Investor Relationship Management (IRM) systems.

We deliver the Real Estate Investor Directory to you in this format because we have found there are fewer issues than with subscriptions associated with online databases. For example, with our solution, you can upload your copy of the Real Estate Investor Directory to your CRM programs, and you can sort, move, and add notes to any of the contacts in our database. Another benefit of the Excel format is that you get it more quickly than if we had mailed you a disc in the mail, and you are free to keep this spreadsheet for as long as you would like. Whereas website access can be cut off at any time, once you purchase our Real Estate Investor Directory you may use it in your business for years to come.


Question: Does your firm provide a refund if we can’t raise assets by using this database of contacts? What is your refund policy?

Answer: While we do provide refunds for bad data, we do not provide refunds for any lack of capital raised. Data included in our database is publicly available, however, our team has spent over 700 hours compiling, sorting, updating, and organizing so that it can be easily used within almost any CRM system or as a standalone capital raising or career management tool.

Once the database has been purchased and delivered, the full value has been realized and we cannot provide a refund once the transaction has been completed. The exception to this is if we provide you with bad data; in this case, we provide an industry leading 4X pro-rated refund on all entries that contain outdated or bad data. This means if 10% of the listings contained errors you would receive 40% of your money back.

These refunds are uncommon but when they do occur it helps us further improve and update our listings so we encourage you to provide us with your feedback. We have refined this database dozens of times to get our directory to where it is now, and this level of accuracy and completeness is what makes our database valuable. Nobody else offers a 4X pro-rated refund policy on any type of Real Estate Investor Directory.


Question: How did your team build this database? Why should we pay for a database that at least partially relies upon publicly available data?

Answer: Our team of two researchers and five total professionals built the Real Estate Investor Directory in two ways: by receiving permission from firms and professionals to publish their contact details to our database and by collecting data from publicly available websites. We believe this product is worth $900-$1,500 to individuals seeking real estate funding sources in the industry because it would take at least 200-250 hours of research to create an internal database on your own. It took our team over 700 hours to build and maintain this resource, and you can now leverage our work through purchasing it on our website here.


Question: How often is the information in your database updated? When was the last update made?

Answer: Our database is updated once per year. To ensure the information you receive is of the highest quality, we also provide the next updated version of our database to you at no charge.


Question: Do you have a sample of the directory that I can review before purchasing?

Answer: Yes, please click here to view an extracted sample of the directory.


Question: Why does your firm only release 100 copies of each version of the Real Estate Investor Directory? Isn’t that bad for business?

Answer: While it is bad for business over the short term, we see it as a necessity. For us to offer a valuable, exclusive resource over the long term, we must keep distribution low. By slowly releasing only 100 copies of this resource with each version we release, the data becomes more valuable to our clients.


Question: Is every investor within your directory actively investing in real estate?

Answer: No, our directory is made up of investors which typically invest in real estate and similar types of investments. What we have done is target these investor channels and complete the research on these investor’s contact details to save you these steps in process of raising capital. Our backgrounds are in capital raising and third party marketing so we know how much time finding the appropriate contact details for potential investors can take. For example, we include within some of our packages contact details for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), wealth management firms, and private equity funds which invest in real estate.


Question: What information is provided for each of the listings in the Real Estate Investor Directory and database?

Answer: The Real Estate Investor Directory offers a collection of inclusive contact details for firms and professionals from around the globe. These inclusive contact details include the following information when available:

  • Primary Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Physical Addresses that can be sorted by Country, City, State, or Zip Code
  • Website Address
  • Strategy
  • & Additional Relevant Information and more.